Views on Pre-Employment Personality Tests

Hi, [Potential Employer],

It appears that this “questionnaire” is a personality test. I’d like to know the name and credentials of the person who created the test, as most pre-employment personality tests are inappropriate and do not deliver the data that a company is –or should be– looking for. I’ll also need a written guarantee that my answers would remain strictly confidential.

I’m a critical thinker: I’m empathic, but I’m also as sharp as a surgeon’s knife. I will question many things with serious skepticism. I am not desperate. I am a strong leader and I am confident in my ability to serve, speak up, work hard, take care of and show great respect for my employees whom I supervise, deal appropriate discipline with reasonable and humane compassion, and get the job done. I know the laws of right conduct and will stick to them, while actively developing new, healthier ways of building teamwork and success. I’ve been described as such: “Gentle stands for truth and justice and rewards respect and trust shown toward her with deep loyalty and commitment to devoted, high-quality work and enthusiasm for ongoing-learning in her career. She’s a self-starter who has attuned her capabilities to the fair win. Her communication is diamond-clear and she will always tell you the truth, but with that she’ll stand by you to help you become the best person you can be.”

That’s what you need to know about my personality. If this is a suitable answer to your questionnaire, we can move forward.

Gentle J. Pine

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