The Re-Creator


Through the tempest flows the Xi, incendiary
to the nightmare of endings,
resisting rock, becoming motion,
becoming still as
broken suns splice tree branches
into shadow and their leaves parachuted down
to destroy and renew the whole world.

Beatific, the shimmering,
after death she makes it all new.
Glory to She who invites the intrusion
into pure bliss where we thought
we would never be shaken.

Fire intwined with ice now falls,
the rambunctious teeth of time
digesting human hubris.
Kali swallows all.
Dark Mother
eats you up,
gets you dreaming.

She sends her ripple out again
on calm waters, on boats
She brings back soil
to the flooded earth.

She lays you down in heat, Goddess on top,
takes and blows the seed of your mortality,
all your beauty and your folly
to life.



Image © Gentle J. Pine. All rights reserved.

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