Tellurian Words; The Harrowing of Hell

A collection words I have known while

various word-checkers haven’t:

Abrahamic, akathist, alluvius, applaudable, arse, barefootedness, bowdrill, chinchy, deoxyribonucleic, discipled, dreamt, duende, empathetically, entendre, full-hearted, hacktivist, hatchling, honeybush, inrushing, inwardness, Judaica, limbic, liminally, magnetics, Manzanita, miacid, millennia, montane, oxytocin, patrollers, permaculture, personhood, Pleistocene, putzing, prefrontal, primally, primitivist, reactionism, recusant, relatability, ridgetops, rooiboos, rosehips, sempre, sensei, shapeshifter, spilt, ultraist, unrighteously, vaulty, wonderstruck, yesterevening,


What’s a spell-checker for

if not to cast spells

with good words?




adjective 1. of or characteristic of the earth or its inhabitants; terrestrial. noun 2. an inhabitant of the earth. Origin: 1840–50; < Latin “tell?r”– (stem of tell? ) earth + -ian Alluvium [uh-LOO-vee-uhm] noun 1. a deposit of sand, mud, etc., formed by flowing water. 2. the sedimentary matter deposited thus within recent times, especially in the valleys of large rivers. Origin: 1655–65; < Latin, noun use of neuter of alluvius, “washed against”.


The Harrowing of Hell

Harrow. “hair-oh”.


one. an agricultural device

with teeth of spikes or disks upright,

drawn chiefly over tilled land to level,

break up roots of clodded weeds, etc.

verb, (used with object).

two. to draw a harrow on the land.

three. to unsettle sharply; gall the mind,

feelings, etc. verb (used without object)

four. to become ravaged by harrowing, as soil.

five. of Christ. to descend into hell

to free the righteous

held captive.





The Harrowing of Hell was written by Gentle J. Pine on 10.31.2013

image source: Creative Commons CC0

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