Prayer-sign of Discernment Among the Strange Creatures

In a dream I found them in a playground, strange hominids, in a world mirror to this one, in latitudes of spheres. The playground was a copy of my fourth-grade year.

It began in an elevator, two unknown friends and I. We were ten again, but in body only. We meant to go up only a few floors, but the elevator rattled and sparked and shot up to two hundred floors. When we exited we met a man who was a terrible monster like a beastly fish underneath his human disguise. We could see his reptile skin showing through. Many more of these mutants appeared and we did not know who was to be trusted or not, though we knew that some were surely allies. Hands in prayer palm-to-palm over my chest, by this I knew how to tell who among the creatures is friend or foe, and I led my friends in this symbol, the power of discernment. And I found that I was another one of these strange creatures, too.



image source: public domain