Our Forefathers, The Lord’s Beasts

Writing today on scripture:

Remove not the ancient landmarks which thy fathers have set.”

Proverbs 22:28

The ancient landmarks set down by our forefathers are more than the works of men: they are the landmarks of the Lord’s beasts of beauty and majesty, of His designed purpose in this shining world. Their presence among us should be most welcome in love and their way protected so that they will continue to visit us. The Lord’s beasts are themselves among our forefathers, who preceded us in the habitation of all lands.

The Sacred Crux of Time

A healthy Conservatism is committed to the past, the present, and the future. It keeps our present rooted in the love and wisdom of the ancestors, including honorably learning from their errors, failures and sacrifices. Likewise, a well-rooted, conscientious Conservatism approaches a brighter future through inculcating moral courage and critical thinking in younger generations. We who live in the present are always at the sacred crux of time, remembering the love of the ancestors while we have faith in the regenerative capabilities of generations of ancestors yet to come.

Here’s to the Hearts of the Brave.

Here’s to you, the mixed family, the multi-ancestral ones, all those who are liminal. Here’s to every person who’s struggled (that’s all of us) who decides to take control of their lives. Here’s to Black Conservatives, a Black Empowerment without hatred of White people. Here’s to the skeptic, the Atheist cautious of groupthink. Here’s to saving men’s lives and women who love men. Here’s to humanists working to make capitalism better and alleviate poverty. Here’s to the chains of poverty breaking. Here’s to facts delivered with right feeling. Here’s to Republicans telling real neo-Nazis where to go shove it. Here’s to White Westerners who show up for Indigenous People’s voices and visibility. Here’s to not apologizing for Whiteness. Here’s to a heritage to be proud of. Here’s to the survivors of brutal State Communism who will not be silenced. Here’s to the Christian Queers, the Single Dads, the defenders of Europe against Sharia, the MAGA-hat wearers who won’t be intimidated. Here’s to the real peacemakers, the solution-focused who don’t dwell in victimhood. Here’s to Veterans who don’t give space for your BS. Here’s to the love of creation, a new eco-patriotism. Here’s to Christ-loving Conservatives who refuse to make enemies though many would hate them. Here’s to our Liberal friends in humanity. We are Conservatives, people of conscience who are creating a better Conservatism. We are your neighbors and we’re here to stay. Here’s to the hearts of the Brave.

Letter from my Great Grandmother to her Beloved Husband, my Great Grandfather

A letter from my great grandmother Helen May Marcel Bellman to my great grandfather Earl Spencer Bellman, 1953

My Darling,

Am just beginning to realize that in less than 2 weeks Iʼll be home! This has been a wonderful, wonderful experience, but rather wearing, and it will feel so good to be safe in your arms again!! Do you want to come to N.Y.C to meet me? Of course the 8 a.m. Sat. is only tentative, so be sure to check with RLM at Idlewild on time. If you like, we could go up to Hartford & stay over Sat. night and on home Sunday. Or if you donʼt want to come to N.Y. I could come on home on the train.

I did get the $33 Tissot watch for Shirley, & am wearing it a while to see if it keeps good time. Itʼs a plain gold-filled case, which I think sheʼll like. Got a darling little Hummel figure at Berchtesgaden. May get more here or when we go back to Germany. Got the 3 grandsons little Austrian beanies in Brusbrucla. Enjoyed your poetry and the “Daffodils”. It seems my absence makes you poetic. Maybe I should stay away longer (??) Seriously, I feel that Scotland would be just too much “icing on the cake” as Iʼm glad to be coming home the 28th.

Lots of love, dearest