The Color of the Scent of Sea-Jasmine

A dream.

There is my own ship with my name on it. The wind is taking her out to sea. I jump into the deep salt blue to catch her ropes but, I am a fish, and the sky billows beyond me. It is quiet down here. The songs of whales. Breathing through water, so soothing and right, how did I ever live in the air? Fins are faster than legs, and more fluid. With the whale songs are the shanteys of mermaids. I am not the harbour.

Now, these pirates are shepherds, the ones who ferry souls from here to the Other Side. Pretty ladies in dresses of seaweed and sweetgrass, jasmine and the bark of the redwood trees twirl in unison as the sun passes down on its way. The deck is open to the four mighty winds, the sails are hoisted, and the soul of the ocean is open. Sirens, sing a name for the color of the scent of sea-jasmine. These enchantresses, they always do. They laugh and sing sweetly of Love.



photo in the public domain