Reporting Live from Earth


Reporting live from Earth:
people were nice to each other today.
A tattooed guy helped an old lady across the street,
and she smiled.
A soldier adopted a kitten who purred
when the man nuzzled and kissed it.
Kids played in Mexico City, lovers had sex,
and a woman in Africa gathered plants in peace.
An Iraqi girl strolled the streets of Baghdad,
feeling beautiful, and an Indian man
had a really good sandwich.
A North Korean told a joke,
her friends bent laughing,
while a Westerner sat quiet in the woods,
buying nothing.
A scientist got caught in wonder,
forgetting the formula, and missed his wife.
A politician cried.
It was while the old trees stood without worry
that salmon spawned in cool waters,
and a large feline stretched out under the milky way
on one side of the world,
and on the other side it was day,
and pink flowers bloomed in the deserts,
and a reptile slowly closed its eyes
in the sun.



photo: Public Domain

2 Replies to “Reporting Live from Earth”

  1. It made me feel good to read this post. I will keep in my mind today the images of the Iraki girl and the North Korean guy … and the sounds of laughter of his friends. Thank you!

    1. There is so much that is right with the world. Sometimes we forget that. To save the world from its woes we must also love the world, to know there is something worth saving. And there is still so much goodness in it.

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