Prayer for the Inmost Light

Beloved Creator, God of the Universe, open my inward vision to the beauty of your hidden presence. This morning, each day, in all places, may my mind be seeking you in love and delight, most Beautiful Presence. May I be able to see you and know you when you appear in the grace of the world. Fill my mind with good thoughts and deep joy. You are the One who looks out through the eyes of all creatures. Inspire my words and actions to reflect your delgiht, great Light who never expires. You make the darkness shimmer in the night with the stars of your inmost light.



Originally Written April 2nd, 2016

Photo by Mark Kamalov on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Prayer for the Inmost Light”

    1. I LOVE your prayer to our Holy ONE! Our Precious Lord!
      Thank you for visiting, liking and following my blog. I am working through my new “normal”–admittedly this diagnosis is harder than any I have had before. But I know the Lord is walking right beside me.
      I am giving you a new email address as we are in the process of changing what I have listed on the website.

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