Get a yard           grab a lot
one in the middle of a shitty city
with the wrong kind of death.
Fight the system to get some space
a bit of land        to love, to call your own
fuck the permit
just go sit in that place
and do something radical       –like listen
and remember that you are an animal
here with the ones with paws,
with claws, with wings
not too different from your own,
the ones you have in dreams.
Listen to Them who speak to you
in love-words of remembrance, words of power
in the city. And when you rise and go
take power with you,
and go into the city
the city of shatters
and you go be water and land
for the people of all species.
Bring the good word to the people
starting with Here.



Image © Gentle J. Pine. All rights reserved.

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