Changeling Baby

I dream I am pregnant, though I had not been inseminated. And suddenly I am several months along in this pregnancy, the growth unmistakably visible. I come to a wise witch’s house who tells me I have been impregnated by the spirit of the land, the Green Man, who gets up to these antics. But everybody knows I’m in love with him anyways! I wouldn’t mind at all being his woman. Lady Witch says, “Let’s get inside, quick, away from the eyes of the fairies!”

The Chaparral Fairies are watching, but I am clever to be unseen by them. Pregnant with a changeling child, I walk a California coastal mountain into town to tell my friends. Night comes, and I sit on a stone bench and look up at the stars who are spiraling in a crown above me at a visible pace. What will I do with this kid who grows in me? Do the adoption agencies have the resources to handle magical powers in babies?


image source: public domain

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