Anne’s Diary Ends Here (August 1, 1944)



It is strange that I edited and completed this poem today, on August 1st, 2017. A while ago when I was inspired to begin writing this poem, I wondered what actual date it was that Anne made her final diary entry. Then I discovered it was exactly this day, August 1st, 1944. …wow. That’s some coincidence.


“Anne’s diary ends here”

when I read the words I wondered

where you had gone:

into a cloud, through a dark place

where I could not follow.

I try not to think

of the prison camps,

not the pit where your body lay.

Nor were you to be found now

in the house of safety,

the small window of childhood.

You live beyond that now.

I listen backwards

through decades

to your life.

Anne, born the same year

as my own grandmother,

Anne, a young girl like me,

I imagine you grown old

in the happiness of humanity

with grandchildren around you.

And now we who have loved you

will be your grandchildren,

we the progeny of your faith.

Anne, give us strength.



image source: Public Domain

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