All Is Not Lost

Sifting through stuff, I found just now a note written by my grandfather, Robert. (His squiggly wizard handwriting is unmistakable.)


“The Golden Treasury of Poetry.

Laughing Song, with bumblebee.

Remember ‘The Blind Man and the Elephant’.

What is an elephant? [Insert unintelligible squiggles here].

–Thick skinned hoofed animal.

Elephant, rhinoceros, pig.

Check life on religion.”


End note.

Looks like he’s still leaving me bits of encouragement along the way.

“Along the way…”…! That reminds me…


“Whenever you want to brighten your day

Just help someone along their way.”


That was something he made up. 

Thanks, Grandpa.



Images © the family of Gentle J. Pine. All rights reserved.

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