A Study in Three Things as They Are


Egg thoughts. They’re the size of eggs. They might be paragraphs or if you crack them open they’ll spill into essays or leak all over stories. You can hard-boil them and keep them intact for a while. Be sure to eat egg thoughts with salt


Sleeping on the floor when you travel in America is more fun than sleeping in a bed. Anybody can pay to sleep in a bed, but to sleep on a floor means somebody loves you, or at least trusts you enough to let you sleep on their personal floor, or couch. Can’t be said as much for a hotel bed, where the TV it faces reminds you you’re paying for it, and you can’t buy the freedom of love, the simple joy that is the couch or the floor of a friend.



This is the way roses appear on the table. The roses are small and pink and and yellow-silk sunlight, rosy beige baby light, little girls’ yellow-pink dress on Easter nineteen forty something. Many buds have appeared and they too are small, wrapping the future. They are pointed and peaked in dark green possibility, fading to lighter on top, leaves serrated edges. Shape of the pits of fruits. These roses will fetch a fair price for love on an old woman’s table. Many have yet to come into bloom and for now she will reach out and feel the ones that have opened so far, steady promises sharing the pink gold of their Japanese petals of silk for the woman with lives lived in the same color, the spring Easter dress, nights slept with lovers under covers colored like these when the earth, her world was still young. They begin a darker pink at the root, at the base of the flower and sun-ray out in gradients into peach roses. Plum as the skin of the young woman she was. The edges folds themselves in now, the crest of life lived, rose-delicate veins. Peach roses are offered here at this table for touching and opening, budding into the life of the rose garden to come. Light green are the buds, the color of cricket’s wings, and inside may be lipstick or pink kisses even shining Los Angeles shimmer gloss over the wrinkles but you are still beautiful, great nature set out on a table.


Image Source: Public Domain

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