Unborn Thoughts



Racing thoughts                unformed thoughts

thoughts formed               not born

thoughts formed               not allowed

thoughts that have a body but nowhere to go

don’t ask to write quicker or more more more

I want to make silence

I want to –_____

There isn’t a place for it all to go

(All the scary thoughts, inconvenient)

The heart that does not have a tribe

That does not know where they went

What happened

Unformed thoughts                without bodies

get aborted,                               it’s OK

some thoughts that get bodies end up

in foster care

feeling some shame               (just say it professionally)

feeling like                               to write it down

is to give it power,               make it real

which it is                              but which ones

get to be born                               and live

are often the ones                               I didn’t plan

the ones that come from me

Live beyond me

aren’t about me

They go & live somewhere that beauty lives

And in those I find my rest.




image source: Creative Commons CC0

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