Tracking Notes

Applodontia rufa/em> has poor eyesight and she’s the size of a gluten-free loaf of bread. Our comparing her to our agricultural inventions is more the comedy of our pleasure in observing her strangeness. Applodontia rufa has a foot-track like Castor, but smaller, and away from a water source.

The difference between Gopher and Mole: gophers make a fan-shaped mound. There are no gophers on Linne Doran. A mole’s track: the ground is lifted up.

In general, Lagomorph scat is more round, whereas Deer’s is more bean-like, mostly. Rabbit poo color changes from fresh to old scat: green, black, brown.

Flying Squirrels dig to feed on Truffle Mushrooms. There are here on Linne Doran.

Rotten stumps, nurse logs littered with Douglas Fir cone flakes: these are signs of Douglas Squirrel. A Midden is a home and base cache of food for squirrels.

Beaver scat is like sawdust on land. They mostly poop in the water and are carriers of giardiasis. Scat sign doesn’t change much over the seasons.

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