Stone Canoe

When Hiawatha ran into the woods out of grief,

Love haunted him. The Peacemaker came in a stone canoe,

floating above war and death. He told evil to go.

Happiness came back to the land.

When Taderdaho looked into the water,

he saw the face of who he once was.

Taderdaho’s terror was being loved into life.

So the people encircled the hut of the evil one,

they began singing, snakes will come out of his head,

and his mind will be healed. His back will be straightened.

Peacemaker fell from the crown of a great pine

and in the white river waters he came back to life.

He was not lost. We are his people.

Instructions to catch the Peace Tree when it falls.

Now when we cry tears we know

the birds come to the great waters

to lift, on wings, our stone canoe.



image source: public domain

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