Room For Complexity, But Not For Timidity

The West suddenly importing boatloads of refugees is dangerous, unethical and unsustainable, but not because it uniquely affects White people. We Westerners are not only White, for God’s sake! WE are both White and People of Color whose ancestors have been in The West for generations, or who are lawful, recent immigrants putting in deeply honorable hard work to culturally integrate into our society. Worrying about illegal immigration and incompatible refugees affecting only White children’s futures is an ethnocentric view of economics that we White people morally can’t afford if we’re going to convince anyone that our Whiteness is as soulfully human and as deserving of cultural honor as any.

What if I told you there’s room for compassion and nuance in response to the “White Genocide” claim:
1. Yes, I am sad and concerned about our declining numbers. Yes, we should respect our own heritage.

2. No, we’re not victims of genocide. There is not a mass plan to exterminate our European genes.

3. Yes, I am concerned about the growing intensity of public racist hatred towards White people. That’s real.

4. The part of this royal mess which our White ancestors brought upon themselves was in creating a globalized colonial legacy (both bad and good in extremely complicated ways) which both attracted People of Color to our native and colonized lands as immigrants in search of better lives, as well as our post-industrial quality of life being the highest in the world which inevitably lead to lower birth rates as witnessed wherever societies become more prosperous.

5. The tragedy of population loss has already been experienced way more severely in Indigenous peoples of the Americas. We can learn from this while having compassion for them and for us.

6. No, our fellow humans who are Brown are not trying to systematically exterminate us. I will never, ever stop supporting interracial friendship and families: this is an inevitable result of the interconnected world which our European ancestors started.

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