My Little Miacid

I dreamt I went fishing in a little river, and I caught a little miacid, an ancient animal. He was adorable with his shiny grey fur, just a baby, not bigger than a cat. He must’ve lived like an otter in the water, for he was a mammal without gills. How did I catch him?! I wanted to eat him. I was very hungry and that’s why I went fishing. But he looked at me and spoke to me in my mind, begging for life. He curled on up my shoulder and nuzzled me like a dear pet; sorrow for my hunger, loving him already and hating myself for what I knew I would do. I was very hungry, and my people were hungry, and we had nothing else. I thanked him for his little life. Then he showed me into a strange house with many mirrors, where there was blue water and a meeting of the ancestors. My grief and guilt, my love and hunger all mingled together as we each took our places at the table. The ancestors would speak. How I loved him, my little miacid.


Photo by Steve Huntington on Unsplash

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