Here’s Some Happies, World: Plants, Quotes, and More, (Installment 1)

Here you go, World, here’s some happies. I’m cleaning out the depths of my computer in preparation to retire it unto the Great Reset Button, now that I have a new computer that is better functioning. I’m a stickler about it: I need to move all my files manually, meticulously, or else I’ll just feel cluttered with all those sneaky unnecessary junk files sneaking into the database on my fresh, sparkly new compy. Cleaning out one’s computer files is therapeutic much in the same way as is cleaning one’s house.

I’m using my blog as one method of storing information to save. The information that I’m alright sharing with the public is being cheerfully piled here. Hence, the stream of new and mostly brief writings, posted in daily backlogged order, just because I do it that way. Most of these posts are compiled form my notes that have been threatening anarchy to get out onto The Leafy Paw anyhow, so there’s no time like now.

Right now I’m feeling tired and only half-awake from all this winter low light, so I’m having some wine and half-listening to Richard Dawkin’s Science in the Soul, and it’s making me feel a sorta love and appreciation for the guy. Non sequitur? I think not. Because Lalla Ward’s Fancy British Accent only makes Dawkins’ same accent, in his petulant masculine way, really kind of endearing, even though I normally am annoyed by those airs. We can all be “sapiosexual” for Richard Dawkins, lol. As a former church-goer, I never thought I’d smile about that. :D

It’s not just me with the winter sleepies. My cat, Aiboorah, has colonized my American Girl doll bed for his adorable furry uses. He fits perfectly. The little guy.


Anyways, below you’ll find some “happies”. These are collections of Good Things I take delight in, and you might, too. These are gathered images, logs of naturalist scribbles, literary quotes, etc. More to come. Enjoy!


Plants of Hamlin Park in Shoreline, WA: Have you seen these species?
Fringecup – Tellima grandiflora
Vanilla Leaf – Achlys triphylla
Kinnickinick – Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Inside-out Flower – Vancouveria hexandra
Woodsorrel – Oxalis oregana
Starflower – Trientalis latifolia
Deer Fern – Blechnum spicant
Sword Fern – Polystichum munitum
Orange Honeysuckle – Lonicera ciliosa
Evergreen Huckleberry – Vaccinium ovatum
Pacific Rhododendron (WA state flower) – Rhododendron macrophyllum
Salal – Gaultheria shallon
Low Oregon Grape – Mahonia nervosa
Beaked Hazlenut – Corylus cornuta
Indian Plum – Oemleria cerasiformis
Oceanspray – Holodiscus discolor
Snowberry – Symphoricarpus albus
Trailing Snowberry –  Symphoricarpus hesperius
Western White Pine – Pinus monticola
Lodgepole Pine – Pinus contorta
Madrone – Arbutus menziesii
Pacific Dogwood – Cornus nutallii
Grand Fir – Abies grandis
Western Redcedar – Thuja plicata
Cascara – Frangula purshiana


Here’s my dear beloved 8 Shields wheel of the 8 directions and how they correspond to the days and the seasons, as laid out by Jon Young and Wilderness Awareness School. Though my feelings about the school have changed somewhat since graduating Anake in ’13, my love for these teaching has only deepened. If there is now a symbol of a religion –no, cosmology– closest to my heart, it would be the eight-pointed wheel, or the compass. This representation only scrapes the surface. In this heartful systemic philosophy, there are layers and layers of ecological significance (insects in the east, frogs in the southeast, print-tracking in the south, etc) as well as the stages of a human life, a year around the sun, a single day of natural magic, and so much more…


You might get a kitty at the door. This little guy, Jesse Wiggles, was everybody’s best friend in the neighborhood. We are sad to conclude that he may have passed away somewhere :,( or else got scooped up into someone’s house and never let out again, because we haven’t seen him around in a while. Did I mention I love cats? He came to “bonk” us when my kitty of twelve years, Rosie, died in 2015, and there was a painful kitty hole in our hearts. He was there.


“You can let me in and I’ll love you forever,” said every cutie.



Look at those love eyes from my baby Mawzawoo! That’s goofball baby Aiboorah below. They came to us after Jesse Wiggles helped us out.



Hmmmm, this is turning into a cat post. Cats are important.

If you go to a kitten shelter, you might find a Little Guy Wantin’ Some Love.


That was at The Cat House on the Kings near Fresno, CA, where I’m from. I swear they make the cutest kitties down there!


This one above is my Simba, back when I was a teenager circa 2004.



Arguably, my sweet man, T, is also a cat. He is a Leo, after all. I drew this picture of him.



My baby Aiboorah!!! I can’t choose the one picture I love the post, but here he is using my arm as a pillow. What else are humans good for? Just look at those criminal little white paws.


Here’s the author. She likes her own face, but she doesn’t like posting selfies online.



My sweet baby Rosie, RIP little girl.


T and I made this in church when we were passing notes :D



I’d like to apply the following quote to my love of cats, and how much better their little lives are now in our time than in centuries past, more than ever before:

“How love fares against hate and indifference is the only reliable measure of historical progress that we have.” — Gil Bailie



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