Emotional Disrespect of Childcare Workers and the Godlike Status of the Nuclear Family

One of the many reasons why I left working in the education and childcare field was how hard it was becoming for me to bond with a child and then lose that relationship at any time. The only way I felt invested in that work was to be a mentor, teacher or nanny who really formed a healthy and heart-centered relationship with the individual child with the hope of watching them grow over several years. But when parents too easily pull their children from one school or nanny for trivial reasons in search of ever greener grasses, as if raising kids were an accomplishment competition, I saw evidence of too many parents who refused to open to humanly communal childrearing, then wondered why they felt so isolated and hit with hardship and lack of support. They didn’t stop to think about the healthy bond that a normally-developing child instinctually makes with non-parental caring adults, much less how hard it is for those adults to always have to bow around the nit-picking demands of communally uncommitted and emotionally ignorant parents. It became emotionally exhausting and when I realized that I was slowly resenting the feeling of caring for these kids, I quit. It felt like my normal, nurturing, healthy adult instincts for investing in kids in my communities were being ignorantly exploited and disrespected by the godlike status of the nuclear family.

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