Dragon Flood

I dream I am swimming in a green river who snakes through a sunny village. Many others are in and by this river, and we are rescuing the souls of drowned children. We hear a terrible rumbling in the hills. The dam has broken and a dragon flood is roaring toward us with obliterating force. Immediately the current quickens and I grab onto a fence in the water and pull myself out. When the wings on my back and arms I could shake out in a dry moment to escape the speeding waves, I fly to a giant oak tree on the near hillside for refuge. I wrap my shaking arms and legs around the solid tree limbs as others are claimed by the waters, unable to reach them, including two of my friends. When the flood stops I fly down to the houses damaged by the swollen river, looking for whoever remains.

In another dream on this night I am being tossed downward a river, enormous and deep. Other people are there with me, and we find a net to ride in, like fish. Then we find paddles, and a canoe. I show them how to paddle against, and with, the white water.



image source: public domain

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